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He designed the soap into cuttable pieces. When they use soap, they subconsciously like to cut off the "chocolate" and then they cut it into small pieces. At this time, the quantitative soap can not only control the required amount to achieve sanitary effects, but also allow him to enjoy the beauty of "chocolate".

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Dr.Bei F3

F3, as a portable water flosser, is just the size of the iPhone when packed and convenient for storage. Due to the airtightness requirements in the industry, the relief port must be open when drawing the water tank, while F3's unique wedge-shaped design can naturally deflate and reduce negative pressure without opening the relief port, and will automatically clip-on after stretching in place and form a good seal. The overall design is simple. The dust-proof cover at the water inlet is brief and delicate, while the wavy glass shell with skid-resistant function gives users a new experience.

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Dr.Bei S7

Inspired by octopus's tentacles, the product can be flexibly controlled to penetrate into various tooth corners, S7 has pioneered a 4D elastic brush head, which can bend elastically to deeply clean teeth while protecting consumers' sensitive gums. Applying the step-less acceleration principle of racing cars to the electric toothbrush, users can adjust the power of toothbrush step-lessly to meet various oral cleaning requirements. The simple and pure geometry matched with the glass panel integrates the interactive interface as one, realizing the perfect unity of function and form.

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Poma is a brand of personal care devices. First product is a full-silicone electric toothbrush. Thanks to food-grade silicone, it brings careful yet precise toothbrushing experience. Moreover, silicone bristles absorb less bacteria and extends life of a brush head to incredible 6 months. With a size of 20% smaller than most models available, this toothbrush becomes a universal travel companion for people on the move. Brush comes together with a powerful charging case that extends battery life for another 3 months. Whenever brush is inside of the case – it gets charged.

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Alpha Series

Alpha series is a compact, semi-proffesional shaver that can handle basic tasks for facial care. Also a product that offers hygienic solutions with innovative approach combined with beautiful aesthetics. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality combined with easy user interaction builds the fundamentals of the project. Joyful user experience is the key. Tips can be easily taken off the shaver and placed in to the storage section. The dock is designed to charge the shaver and cleaning the tips supported with UV Light inside storage section.

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Along with

The project provides a portable living experience for the outdoor crowd, which is mainly divided into two parts: the main body and modules that can be changed.The main body includes charging, toothbrush and shaving functions.Fittings include toothbrush and shaving head.The original inspiration for the product came from people who love to travel and have their luggage cluttered or lost, so the portable, versatile package became the product is positioning. Now many people like to travel, so portable products are becoming the choice.This product conforms to the market demand.

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